Backpacking Water Bladder

1. CHERAINTI Hydration Bladder 2 Liter Water Reservoir


- Features with big opening which will help you to fill out and pouring the water easily.

- The hydrant is made with premium materials which allows you not have bad smells or taste.

- 2L water bladder is easy to use, outstanding looking, awesome performance and very durable.

- Use for hiking, backpacking, biking, cycling, travel, trip or picnic etc.

- It is a well sealing water bladder which can save you filled water and not to have any chance to way out without your need.

- Price 14.99 $

2. WACOOL 3L 3Liter 100oz BPA Free EVA Hydration Pack Bladder


- 3 litre water bladder, 100% tasteless and odourless, easy to use.

- Super durable and beautiful design, thicker than any other hydration bladder.

- It has double opening which helps to refill any time and any condition.

- It has insulated hose which allows you to better protection, always keep water warm or cool.

- Price 19.99 $

3. Vapur Solid Flexible Water Bottle - with Carabiner


- 0.5 litre water bladder, super convenient, fold when it is empty, space saving hiking or backpacking gear.

- It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, useable for hiking, traveling, backpacking, picnic etc.

- Taste free or odourless, very easy to cleaning.

- Various colours are available.

- Price Starts from 9.96$

4. Baen Sendi Hydration Bladder 2 Liter/70 oz - Pack of 2(1 Piece Blue+1 Piece ArmyGreen)


- 2 litre, two packs available.

- Made with premium quality and flexible materials.

- The quick release with auto lock system makes it different from others water bladder.

- Awesome design with beautiful on and off system.

- The large opening and easy cleaning, no any bad smells or taste, easy to use.

- Price 19.98 $

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