Backpacking Sleeping Bag

1. Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag - 3 Season Warm & Cool Weather - Summer, Spring, Fall, Lightweight, Waterproof for Adults & Kids


- Made with Nylon, Could be used for 3 seasons. 10-20 degree centigrade temperature. It could be used in hiking, backpacking, travels etc.

- There is a half circle hood with adjustable drawstring which allows to cover the head in a extreme situation.

- Anti tearing polyester is used which are waterproof and breathable.

- Easy to carry and convenient storage with some straps.

- Any time replacement, many colours available.

- 31.5in x 86.6"

- Price Starts from 26.99 $

2. MalloMe Sleeping Bags for Adults & Kids - Ultralight Backpacking Sleeping Bag for Hiking Cold Weather & Warm


- Proper use in spring, summer, fall; specially in cool weather, 40°F to 77 °F.

- Super durable, super soft and double layered, 3d designed inner part which makes it different from others.

- Ultra lightweight, super easy to carry, wonderful to sleep, overall a nice gear for backpacking, traveling, tour etc.

- It is easy to clean, excellent overall design.

- Single - 29.5in x 86.6"

- Price Starts from 26.99$

3. Sleeping Bags for Adults Backpacking Lightweight Waterproof- Cold Weather Sleeping Bag for Girls Boys Mens


- Made of polyester, cotton and nylon. It hasplenty of rooms, the tall is 5 feet 11 inches and the width and dimensions are 31.5 by 86.6 inches.

- It is waterproof and breathable, good quality, skin friendly and affordable price, overall it is awesome.

- Drawstring helps to tighten the front hood for head and the foot side zipper allows you to more warm and comfort.

- The total weight of the pack is 3.3 pounds and the packing size is length 7.9 inches and height is 14.2 inches.

- It is used for any outdoor adventures like backpacking, traveling, cycling etc.

- Temperature 50℉- 68℉(10℃-20℃)

- Price Starts from 26.98 $

4. Sleeping Bag,3-4 Seasons Warm Cold Weather Lightweight, Portable, Waterproof Sleeping Bag


- It is skin friendly, highly comfortable and ultra durable.

- Keep you warm in any seasons, Super soft and highly flexible to use in backpacking, hiking, traveling etc.

- Total weight 4 pounds, the width is 33 inches and the dimension is 86.6 inches.

- It is easy to carry because of it's lightweight, and easy to clean.

- Consists with straps, excellent convenient to storage.

- Price 39.80 $

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